October 18, 2019

2018 Quilt Blocks of the Tar and Roanoke Rivers

Welcome to the page of the 2018 Quilt Blocs of the Tar and Roanoke Rivers. This is a project of the Franklin County Arts Council designed to capture the history of our community through the display of quilt blocks on historic buildings and structures in Franklin and surrounding counties. 

Churn Dash is the most recent quilt block on The Quilt Trails of the Tar and Roanoke Rivers.

The exact year the Bunn Family Home Place was built is unknown, but it was prior to 1868. Private James David Bunn (CSA) returned to Nash County after the war where he met and married Sally Brinkley Matthews in 1868. Dr. James David Matthews, a prominent physician in Nash County, gave the young couple the house as their home. The home place is currently owned by Chester Bunn, the great-grandson, of James David, who lives nearby. Originally the house had wood shingles and wood siding. The shingles and siding have been covered over as renovations and improvements were made over the years but remain on the house.

The importance of the Churn Dash Quilt Block harkens back to Chester’s memory of his mother, Chessie Bunn, churning butter from the family cow’s milk.

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