Afternoon Tea with the Artist 2018

Join the Franklin County Arts Council for an Afternoon Tea with the Artist on Saturday afternoons from 3:00 to 5:00 PM highlighting local Artist and exhibiting their Art at the FCAC Gallery located at 22 S. Main St., Franklinton, NC 27525. For more information about the Afternoon Tea with the Artist series, contact FCAC at or call 919-497-6910.

Dawn Lancaster & Donna Campbell Smith

Saturday April 28th, from 3:00am to 5:00pm.
At the FCAC Art Gallery: 22 S. Main St, Franklinton NC 27525

Join us at the Franklin County Art Council Gallery for a visit with artists Dawn Lancaster and Donna Campbell Smith displaying their Eco-Print art works.

Dawn Lancaster lives in Youngsville and has been doing Eco-Printing on paper and silk for about 4 years. It is a fascinating process that has been done for decades. The silk is mordanted and the leaves and flowers are also soaked in rust water and other mordants, placed on silk or paper in various designs and steamed for two hours. All the designs are beautiful and uniquely different. It is such a joy creating these one of a kind scarfs.

Donna sat in on Dawn’s eco print demo and thought, “No, I don’t want to start learning another art medium. I already work in watercolor and acrylic, and pen and ink. I sometimes combine mediums to produce collage and am a photographer. So, no, I wasn’t going to start working in a new medium. Then she attended another of Dawn’s workshops – this time with teenagers and she was more intrigued. She learned the cost is minimal – you can get most of the supplies at the grocery store – and from the backyard. It is a very “green” art form. The teens used watercolor paper, craft paper and even recycled pages torn from old books. Old sheet music will also work well. She invited Dawn over to her country home to collect botanicals from the woods and fields and they did a batch of prints. She was hooked!

The whole process is exciting. You don’t know what the art piece will look like until the last step. And, even though you are working with a “print” each piece is completely unique.

Celebrating The Hispanic Culture Through The Arts

Saturday May 5, from 3:00am to 5:00pm.
At the FCAC Art Gallery: 22 S. Main St, Franklinton NC 27525

You are cordially invited to the Franklin County Art Council to celebrate the Hispanic Art with music and paintings.

Hispanic Music:
Teresa Fernandez, "Songs of the Soul". Is a singer born in Havana, Cuba.

6 Hispanic Artist will be Exhibiting:

Cornelio Campos: Mexican artist born in 1971 in Cheran Michoacan-Mexico. Specializing in paintings that illustrate the complex realities of migrant life that are often concealed or misconstrued to the public.

Nora Hernandez: Born in Honduras. Founder of The Center for Personal Development (SSP), an institution dedicated to providing personal development. Her art expresses the beauty of the Latino Culture.

Clina Polloni Allen: Born and raised in Chile. Clina lives and paint in her studio in Franklinton, NC. She enjoys impressionism as well as realism and was able to develop her own unique style. In her paintings she is portraying the people of North Carolina in their environment and activities.

Julia Polloni Vick: Clina's sister. Descendants of a family of Italian artists, for generations they have been painting and promoting the arts in their community. Colorful canvases representing the cultures and places were they come from and were they live now.

Aaron Vick: Born and raised in Raleigh, NC. Art is my passion since I was a child. My inspiration in painting Latin America culture started with my beautiful wife, Julia, together we have traveled extensively throughout Latin America, especially Chile, painting and enjoying the family.

Gabriela Zabala: Born in Ecuador. She likes to contemplate the clouds, cook Ecuadorian food, paint and write poems. Work to improve the health of the Latino population in North Carolina. Her paintings are meaningful and an expression of whom she is in relation to a higher self and the real world.

Patrice and Craig Kassan

Saturday June 23, from 3:00am to 5:00pm.
At the FCAC Art Gallery: 22 S. Main St, Franklinton NC 27525 
Join us at the Franklin County Art Council Gallery for a visit with artists 

Patrice and Craig Kassan

exhibiting their wall sculptures and earrings.
Craig Kassan: The idea for my wall sculptures came about on a trip to Salt Lake City. During the flight I became intrigued with the patterns created by the plots of land as well as the crop circles from the farms below. By the time the plane landed, I had two pages of sketches and a head overflowing with ideas. To mimic the plots of land, I have arranged my wall sculptures as polyptychs. The individual pieces are raised above the applied metal background, adding more depth and character to the finished sculpture.

Patrice Kassan: I have never considered myself much of an "artist".
I married an artist, Craig, inspired by his work, I rescued a beautiful piece of wood from our fire-pile that was left over from something Craig had made & made myself a pair of earrings. Then a friend saw my earrings & wanted a pair & then her sister wanted some for presents & here I am.

2018 Schedule:

July 28: Louise Asaraf
Art Mediums: Water Color and Oils
T: 516-322-3295
A: 601 Parham Rd., Henderson NC 27536

August 25: to be announced.

September 29: Quilt Trails of the Tar & Roanoke Rivers Presentation.

October 20: Exhibition by painting class artists. 

Past Afternoon Tea Artists 

Marti King
Artist: Watercolor, oil, Acrylic, Alcohol Ink, Beaded Fiber Creations.
Saturday March 17

To be born and raised in Germany surrounded by castles and beautiful quaint villages, a little girl can't help but dream. Encouraged by her grandparents to draw and create Martha, affectionately known as "Marti" by all who know and love her, learned to capture the vibrant Life all around her.

Versatile and passionate about people and life, she paints and creates with an array of media. Marti's unique style draws the viewer into her world of beauty and tranquility. Each piece is not only a reflection of her talent, but her rich German roots and zest for life.